why i think that penis size matters

Being anonymous on the internet is great because i will share my life here. When i was younger i wished somebody.

By the past i lived in London, in the Hague (NL) and Madrid in Spain. I had something like 50 prostitutes because prostitutes are easy to find in those 3 countries. So, i have now more experience in sex than any man.

What i discovered:

I discovered the female body was very demanding in terms of action. I thought that you have to be in shape to sexually satisfy a woman. It also means the vagina is not over-sensitive. It means that if you touch it once, you are not going to give an orgasm to a woman. Every woman needs a certain level thrusting intensity during penetration. For me, it is the most important evidence that shows penis size matters.

Vagina requires intense thrusting:

If size didn't matter, everyone could pleasure a woman with a small penis by penetrating a vagina 4 or 5 times gently. But it does not work like that. Since i have witnessed women wanted a certain intensity of on going thrusting, i have quickly understood that if i had a smaller penis i would have had to compensate my lack of size with faster movements. However, it is almost impossible to keep a fast movement rhythm with the level of intensity that is required by a woman. A man with a smaller penis will get tired even if he is in shape.

On the other hand, a man with a large penis will not get tired quickly and he can move slower to provide the same level of thrusting as compared to an average penis man or a small penis man.

my own perception with my penis size:
I think i have an average penis size. I never touched the end of a vagina or hurt a vagina even if i thrusted women very hard. I quickly thought it would be advantage to have a long penis. I have never hurt any women with my penis even if i had sex in many positions. The vagina is not as fragile as people say. It does make sense when we think about the vagina stretching during child labor.

The penis size concern is not a a cultural thing:
Some people say that wishing a large penis is an american behavior since Usa companies encourage consumers to buy bigger things. This idea is totally wrong because all the men in the world have the same concerns. To illustrate this idea, i want to say i own a website where there are porn videos with men who have large penises. I am able to see the google search results for people visiting this website. I   see google requests from all over the world and i also google search queries that say "large penis" in all languages.

If you want an answer to the question: "does penis size matter?"